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The Rockwell Society                                                                                                        Calhoun Collectors Society
London Crown Pottery - The Canterbury Tales Collection                                                                  Charles Gehm
Incolay - Great Romances In History                                                                                  Kaiser - Christmas Series
Knowles (includes Csatari)                                                                 Konigszelt Bavaria - Keller Christmas Series
Schmid by Sister Berta Hummel                                Schumann - Imperial Christmas Plates by Marianne Stuwe
Franklin Porcelain -  The Grimm's Fairy Tales Series
             Paris Sites of Loius Dali by Henri d'Arceau & Fils
Bradford Galleries - Lafayette Legacy                                  Royal Cornwall Limited - The Beauty of Bouguereau

The Rockwell Society of America

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Rockwells may  not be in their original issue box.



The Rockwell Society of America Email To Submit A Best Offer  Plate & Figurine Sets
"The Toymaker" - 1980
"The Shoemaker" - 1981
"Dog's Bath", 1980
Gorham Collectors Stein
"Goin' Fishin' " - 1980
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HMI Collectors Mugs Set
"Sour Note"
"Vacations Over"
"The Music Maker"
"Party Time"
HMI Collectors Mugs Set

"Apple Bobbing"
"Back To School"
"A Hopeless Case"
"Lazy Days"
Calhoun Collector's Society

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London Crown Pottery- The Canterbury Tales Collection

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The Centre For Medieval & Rennaissance Studies, Oxford, England, in association with The London Crown Pottery issues Baronet Bone China painted by G.A. Hoover.  


Charles Gehm's Commemorative Plates (8") - Limited Edition 1981
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Hallmarked Konigszelt Bavaria. Premier issue for the city of Hanau, German Federal Republic.
Birthplace of the Brothers Grimm. In commemoration of the 200th anniversary of their birth.
"Rumpelstilzchen" Bradex# 22-K46-2.1
3 available
  $29.95 each
"Rapunzel" Bradex# 22-K46-2.2
2 available
$29.95 each
Incolay - Great Romances Of History Series
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Field Puppies, first series sponsored by the United Kennel Club
"1987 Dog Tired - The Springer Spaniel" ... Bradex# 84-K41-51.1
Item comes with its limited edition certificate (150 firing days), descriptive brochure and original packaging. $49.95
to index Edna Hibel Studios - Christmas Annual Series - 1985
The Angels' Message"   Bradex# 84-K41-15.1     $125.00

The Angels' Message
by Edna Hibel
1985 Christmas Plate
"I portrayed the angels as children because Christmas is for families,
and for children. If that sense comes through in 'The Angels' Message',
than I'll feel that I accomplished my goal in creating it. Edna Hibel"

Quote above, along with Edna's signature, is handwritten by Edna Hibel and on the back of the plate. This plate has a deep blue background upon which a mother holding her child is painted. They are surrounded by angels whose wings and musical instruments are painted in gold. Painted using the familiar roses, reds, blues, purples, greens and browns that are associated with Edna Hibel, and is accented in gold. Plate is rimmed in gold; backstamped and hand numbered; 9-3/4" in diamenter and made of fine china. Limited to a firing period that closed on December 31, 1985.

The Angels' Message is 1st edition in a series of 4 plates Christmas Plate Collection. This is the Edna Hibel Christmas plate for 1985. In traditional Hibel style, this 10" in diameter plate was uniquely created in layers of pigment and gold on pure hard fire china by Edwin M. Knowles. In a firing period closed forever on 12/31/88, the artist depicts Angels as children. 

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McClelland’s Children’s Circus Collection
Konigszelt Bavaria - Hedi Keller Christmas Series 1980

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"Flight Into Egypt"
Bradex# 22-K46-1.2
2 available $34.95 each

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Franklin Porcelain 1979 Limited Edition

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Crafted in Bavaria - "The Grimm's Fairy Tales" Series- 12 plates (8") Sold only as a set of 12. Issued at $44 per plate.
The Golden Goose


Little Red Riding Hood


to index Email To Submit A Best Offer Hansel and Gretel

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

The Twelve Dancing Princesses

Sleeping Beauty

to index The Bremen Town Musicians

The Frog Prince

The Shoemaker and the Elves

Paris Sites -
Le Douze Sites Parisiens de Louis Dali by Henri d'Arceau & Fils

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Premier Limited Edition Porcelaine de Limoges France, Collection of 12 Plates. Sold only as a set of 12.  D’arceau Limoges 1981 - Issued at $25 per plate.

L'Arc de Triomphe Bradex#18-D15-6.1

La Cathedrale Notre-Dame ... Bradex#18-D15-6.2

La Place de la Concorde ... Bradex# 18-D15-6.3

L'Eglise Saint-Pierre et le Sacre-Coeur de Montmartre  Bradex# 18-D15-6.4
Le Marche aux Fleurs et la Conciergerie
Bradex# 18-D15-6.5

La Pointe du Vert Galant et le Pont Neuf
Bradex# 18-D15-6.6

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Moulin Rouge Bradex# 18-D15-6.8
Le Pont Alexandre III
Bradex# 18-D15-6.9

Bradex# 18-D15-6.10
La Tour Eiffel
Bradex# 18-D15-6.11

L'Hotel deVille de Paris Bradex# 18-D15-6.12

1973 Lafayette Legacy Collection -
6 plates
Premier Edition Porcelaine de Limoges France
Bradford Galleries founder, the late J. Roderick MacArthur, introduced the fascinating hobby of plate collecting to the United States in 1973 with The Lafayette Legacy Collection, a Bicentennial tribute to America. A French association commissioned these plates to commemorate the role played by Lafayette during the American Revolution.
Rod, an adventurous world traveler, wanted to share the beauty and history of fine limited-edition porcelain collector's plates. Collector's plates enjoyed immense popularity throughout Europe.
Sold only as a set of 6. Issued at $20 per plate.
Plate I - The Marquis de Lafayette in December 1776 signs secretly his enlistment in the army of the insurgents in presence of Silas Deane, the American agent.
Plate# 047

Plate II - The Marquis de Lafayette accompanied by the Baron de Kalb disembarks from his ship "Victoire" the 13th of June 1777 at North Island in South Carolina. Plate#869

Plate III - After a dinner at the City Tavern of Philadelphia the 13th of July 1777, George Washington invites the Marquis de Lafayette to join his general staff. Plate#281

to index Email To Submit A Best Offer Plate IV - The 11th of September 1777, during the Battle of Brandywine, the Marquis de Lafayette, wounded in the leg, encourages and flings his men into the attack.
Plate# 999

Plate V - Lafayette remits messages from Congress to Benjamin Franklin, American Minister, in February 1779 at the Hotel Valentinois, in Passy.
Plate# 058

Plate VI - Lafayette with Washington and Rochambeau at the Siege of Yorktown in October 1781, forces the Englishman Cornwallis into surrender. Plate# 984

Royal Cornwall, Ltd.

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Calhoun's Collector Society's
"The Beauty of Bouguereau" Collection - Issued Nov 1980
Each original designed is reproduced on the finest Royal Cornwall porcelain, prized for its delicate translucence.
The edition was limited to 19,500 sets of six (8½ diameter) plates, after the edition was closed, the works of art were withdrawn, and will never appear on any other collectible. Each plate banded in 24-karat gold.
All original documentation & packaging included. Plate# 19028 appears on all six plates in set.
Sold only as a set of 6. Issued at $32 per plate.


Frere et Soeur

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Solange et Enfant


Jean et Jeanette