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Gunther R. Granget Sculptures on North America                      The American People 1776-1976 Collection
The U.N. Children Collection                                                                                    Schmid "Happy" Music Box
The Rockwell Society
Calhoun's Collectors Society Inc.
St. Paul, MN 55165

Sculptures of North American Wildlife
a limited edition collection
Gunther R. Granget
(Available individually or as a set of four.)

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Four original works of art by Internationally acclaimed sculptor, Gunther R. Granget. Individually produced to order for each participant in a single limited edition. Crafted under the hallmark of Wallace Silversmiths, founded in 1835.

Executed in genuine Fine American Pewter, each piece registered and numbered (#922). Original velvet lined box. Excellent condition. Born in Karlsruhe/Baden-Germany, Gunther Granget is considered by critics and collectors to be one of the world's finest living sculptors.
According to Mr. Granger's specific instructions, each sculpture group is not fixed to their marble bases (6"L x 4½"W x ¾"H). They are freely movable... free to change positions in relation to one another... just as the animals actually are in nature.
  Artic Fox, The Fox and The Eggs
(Fox = 5"L x 3"H, The Eggs = 1¼"L x 1"H)

  Beaver, Master Builder
(Beaver = 4¼L x 1¾"H, Tree Branch = 4"L)

  Polar Bear and Cub, Mother Love
(Bear = 3½"L x 2¼"H, Cub = 2¼L x 1¼"H)

  Racoon, The Masked Bandit
(Racoon = 4"L x 2½"H, Frog = 1"L x ½"H)

"The American People

Complete with original documentation and packaging, this Series is from The Franklin Mint.

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The First Citizen

The Pathfinder

The Canal Boat Man

The Prospector 

The Homesteader

The Gibson Girl

The Immigrant 

The Jazz Man 

The GI

The Astronaut (1956-1976)
~ 1978 ~
The U.N. Children Collection

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Diodu from Nigeria
~ 1979 ~
The U.N. Children Collection

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"This porcelain figurine of a boy named Sven from Norway indicates that it isn't easy to become an expert. Sven's skis have shot out from under him, and the little fellow has made a deep sitzmark in the snow almost on top of another small native of Scandinavia, a lemming. Sven's worried expression reveals his doubts about this risky winter sport, but it won't be long before he's schussing down the slopes with the best of them.
Sven wears stylish ski pants and a beautiful Nordic sweater with a matching cap that he carefully holds in place as he tumbles backwards. Inscribed in the snow behind him are the initials of the United Nations."
~ 1980 ~
The U.N Children Collection

Charles, from Canada
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from Holland
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from Morocco

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from Austria
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from Brazil
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from Australia

~ 1981 ~
The U.N Children Collection

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Maria, from Bolivia

George, from Trinidad and Tobago                      
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Mei-Mei, from China


               Vasco, from Portugal
"Vasco's immagination has been fired by stories of his Portuguese ancestors. He is particularly fascinated by his namesake, Vasco da Gama, who first sailed around the Cape of good Hope, discovering the sea route to Asia. Vasco plays in the boats on the beach whenever he gets a chance, dreaming of being a great explorer. Vasco's dreams don't bother his kitten, as long as they never venture away from the sandy beach."
1970's Schmid Music Box: Make Someone Happy Disney 'Happy'
6.3 inches

  Schmid "Happy"
Music Box
. . ..
The Rockwell Society of America

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