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United States Coinage

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U.S. Mint & Proof  Sets

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U.S. Mint Sets

  1973 Uncirculated Mint Coin Set
(5 available)
$25.00 each
U.S. Proof Sets

1973 US Proof Set
(3 available)
$14.95 each

U.S. Dollars

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BU Morgan Dollars


1881-S US Morgan Dollar
1885-O US Morgan Dollar
1887 US Morgan Dollar

Susan B. Anthony Dollars

  1979 First Year
All (P,D,S) 3 Coin Mint Set
(1 available)
$8.00 each
The Carson City Uncirculated Silver Dollars

"This historic coin is a valuable memento of an era in American history when pioneers were challenging the West. The silver in this dollar was mined from the rich Comstock Lode, discovered in the mountains near Carson City, Nevada. The Carson City Mint was established there in 1870, and although it was in existence for a mere 24 years, it produced many coins which have endured as collectors' items, among them the 13 piece Morgan dollar series of 1878-1893. Their link with an historic period in our nation's history give these dollars an added appeal.
This coin is an uncirculated specimen of the Morgan dollar, containing ninety percent silver, which somehow survived the massive coin melts of the early 1900's. They were discovered by a Treasury audit in 1964, after nearly a century of obscurity in the vaults."  ... United States Government 1972

Carson City Uncirculated Silver GSA Certified & Numbered in GSA Packaging

  1883-CC  $350 or Best Offer
U.S. $5 Gold

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U.S. $5 Gold Liberty Half Eagle

The first five dollar gold piece was known as a "Half Eagle".
This was the first gold coin actually struck by the United States government.
Net gold = .24187 troy oz.
  1895-P $5 Gold Liberty Half Eagle
Grade EF-40     $Best Offer
  1901-P $5 Gold Liberty Half Eagle
Grade EF-40     $Best Offer
  1907-D $5 Gold Liberty Half Eagle Grade EF-45     $Best Offer
Non-US Coinage & Banknotes

Links to:  Mexico, Canada, Barbados, British Virgin Islands, Panama,
World Crown Coins, Banknotes

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1980 Mexico Silver Onza

"Last Scale Type" Brilliant Uncirculated
This issue was the last of Mexico's ground-breaking onza series, each 33.625 gram .925 silver coin containing
exactly one ounce of pure silver. The traditional metal-weighing scale and hand-operated coin press were fixtures of the historic Mexico City Mint, which issued the New World's first machine struck silver dollars in the 18th century. This original modern type was replaced by Mexico's "Winged Liberty" 1-oz. silver coin in 1982.
(5 available)    $50.00 each
1986 World Championship of Football in Mexico

Mexico 86 Campeonato Mudial De Futbol
7 Coin Set

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The Canadian Gold Maple Leaf is the purest gold coin minted in the world, 99.99% pure gold.

   1985 1 oz Maple Leaf Gold (1 available)  $Best Offer                                                    

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Barbados Official First Coinage Silver

The coinage of Barbados captures the distinctive beauty and character of the tropical island-nation. The coins range in denomination from one cent to ten dollars. The large ten dollar coin carries a dramatic depiction of Neptune, lord of the sea, bearing the trident that is symbolic of his power. The historic Shell Fountain, built in 1861 to celebrate the installation of piped water, is the subject of the five-dollar coin Located at Trafalgar Square in Bridgetown, the island's capital city, the Shell Fountain is adjacent to a statue of the great English admiral Lord Nelson.
Visitors to Barbados who have explored the island's lush coral reefs will recognize, on the two-dollar coin, the staghorn coral and the vivid West Indian fish native to these reefs.
Barbados is widely known as "The Land of the Flying Fish." Flying fish, which make up about 60 percent of the commercial catches so important to the nation's economy, are represented on the heptagonal one-dollar coin.
The century-old Morgan Lewis Sugar Mill which is now the property of the Barbados National Trust and is being restored as a national monument, is depicted on the twenty-five-cent piece.
The tern, often called "the swallow of the sea" for its grace in flight, represents Barbados's many seabirds on the ten cent piece. The ten-dollar (.925 fine solid sterling silver), five-dollar (.800 fine silver), two-dollar; the one-dollar, twenty-five-cent and ten-cent coins are all of cupro-nickel.
The brass five-cent coin depicts the South Point Lighthouse, an island landmark since 1852. And the one-cent coin, minted in bronze, bears the broken trident of King Neptune.
The internationally known sculptor Philip Nathan was commissioned to create the obverse designs. The reverse of each coin displays the official Barbados coat of arms and its motto, "Pride and Industry."
British Virgin Islands

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The First Official Coinage of the British Virgin Islands

On June 30th 1973, an honor of the 200th anniversary of constitutional government with representation, the Legislative Council of the British Virgin Islands issued its first official coinage.
The exotic birds of the Islands were selected as the subject for these historic coins. Gilroy Roberts, the renowned artist and sculptor, acclaimed for his finely detailed Bird sculptures, was commissioned to render the designs and sculpt the birds for this new coinage.
The Magnificent Frigate Bird, portrayed on the solid sterling silver one-dollar coin, has a wing-span of nearly seven feet and is one of the Islands' largest birds. Another coastal Bird, the Brown Pelican, is shown on the 50 cent piece. The 25-cent coin bears an illustration of perching Mangrove Cuckoos. The Ringed Kingfisher is depicted on the 10-cent coin. The Zenaida Dove, whose white tipped wings and tail can be seen flashing across open fields as it searches for insects, is shown on the five-cent piece. Appropriately, the Green-Throated Carib and Antillean Crested Hummingbird, two of the Islands' tiniest birds, are portrayed on the one-cent piece, the smallest coin. The one-dollar coin is solid sterling silver and the one cent coin is bronze. The others are cupro-nickel. Since the British Virgin Islands is a British crown colony, all its currency must be approved by Queen Elizabeth II, and the obverse of each coin must bear the official portrait of Her Majesty. This coin of the realm set is an original Proof Set of the British Virgin Islands' first official coinage. It was minted by The Franklin Mint under authorization of the government of the British Virgin Islands.

1974 Proof British Virgin Islands Official First Coinage Silver    $75 or Best Offer 

Crown Coins Of The World

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Historic Crown Coins Of The World

In 1980, The Calhoun's Collector Society, issued a limited edition exclusive collection of official government issued uncirculated crown coins from around the world.
Each Historic Crown Coin is accompanied by a Story Page to describe the coin's unique place in numismatic history. The Story Page details the obverse (front side) and reverse of the coin, and an in-depth history of the country of issue is provided.

Your choice from the remaining countries and their respective coin:
Australia - Silver Jubilee Crown; Bailiwick of Guernsey - Queen Mother Crown; Bailiwick of Guernsey - Royal Wedding Crown; Bailiwick of Guernsey - Silver Jubilee Crown; Bailiwick of Guernsey - Royal Visit 25-Penny Crown; Bailiwick of Jersey - Norman Conquest Five-Shilling Crown; Bailiwick of Jersey - Silver Jubilee Crown; Bermuda - Royal Wedding Crown; Bulgaria - Thirteenth Centebbial Crown; Canada - Centennial One-Dollar Crown; Canada - 1982 Constitution Dollar; Canada - Manitoba Centennial Dollar; Canada - Winnipeg Centennial Dollar; Cyprus - 500-Mil Coin; Dominican Republic - Juan Pablo Duante Peso; East Carribean Territories - Carribean Bank Commemorative Crown; East Carribean Territories - Royal Wedding Crown; Ethiopia - World Cup Commemorative Crown; German Democratic Republic - Wittenburg Church Coin; Falkland Islands - 150 Years of British Rule Crown; Falkland Islands - Queen Mother Crown; Falkland Islands - Royal Wedding Crown; Falkland Islands - Silver Jubilee Crown; Fiji - Tenth Anniversary of Independence Coin; Fiji - Native Canoe Crown; Fiji - First Indians in Fiji Centennial; Fiji - 1969 Dollar; Gibraltor - Lord Nelson 175th Anniversary Crown; Gibraltor - Silver Wedding Anniversary Crown; Gibraltor - One Crown; Gibraltor - Silver Jubilee Crown; Great Britian - 1953 Queen Elizabeth II Coronation Crown; Great Britian - British Royal Wedding Commemorative Crown; Great Britian - Royal Silver Wedding Anniversary Crown; Great Britian - Winston Churchill Crown; Great Britian - Silver Jubilee Crown; Great Britian - Queen Mother Crown; Greece - Solon 50-Drachma Coin; Hungary - Intercosmos 100-Forint Coin; India - Asian Games Crown; India - International Women's Year Crown; India - FAO Commemorative Coin; Isle of Man - Duke of Edinburgh's Award Silver Jubilee Crown; Isle of Man - Queen Mother Crown; Isle of Man - World Cup Soccer Crown; Isle of Man - Winston Churchill Centenary Crown; Isle of Man - International Year of Disabled Persons Crown; Isle of Man - Bicentennial Derby Crown; Jamaica - Commonwealth Games Crown; Jordan - Silver Jubilee Crown; Korea - Liberation One Hundred One Coin; Malaysia - 15th Century of the Hijra Crown; Maldives - Food & Agriculture Organization Crown Coin; Mauritius - 1981 Royal Wedding Crown; Mexico - 50 Peso Crown; Nepal - Mt. Everest Crown; New Caledonia - French Central Pacific Franc; New Zealand - H.M.S. Endeavor Crown; New Zealand - Commonwealth Games One-Dollar; New Zealand - Mount Cook One-Dollar; New Zealand - 1979 Dollar Crown; New Zealand - Royal Visit One-Dollar; New Zealand - 1978 Coronation One-Dollar; Philippines - Five Piso Coin; Polish People's Republic - Tadeusz Kosciuszko Coin; St. Helena - Silver Jubilee Crown; St. Helena - Queen Mother Crown; St. Helena - Tercentenary Crown; St. Helena - Royal Wedding Crown; St. Helena volcanic island of Ascension - Royal Wedding Crown; Seychelles - Delaration of Independence Crown; Sierra Leone - One-Leone Bank Anniversary Crown; Sierra Leone - One-Leone OAU Summit Conference Crown; Singapore - Year of the Rooster Ten-Dollar Coin; Singapore - Benjamin Sheares Bridge Crown; Singapore - Changi Airport Commemorative Five-Dollar Coin; Somalia Democratic Republic - 10th Anniversary of the Republic Crown; Switzerland - Anniversary of Constitution Crown; Switzerland - St. Gotthard Railway Crown; Swaziland - Diamond Jubilee Crown; Switzerland - Ferdinand Hodler 5-Franc; Switzerland - Albert Einstein 5-Franc; Switzerland - Convention of Stans 5-Franc; Tokelau Islands - Coconut Crab Crown; Tokelau Islands - Tahi Tala First Coin; Tonga - 1982 Christmas Crown; Tonga - King Taufa'ahau Tupou IV One Pa'anga Coin; Tristan da Cunha - 25th Anniversary of the Coronation Crown; Tristan da Cunha - Silver Jubilee Crown; Tristan da Cunha - Royal Wedding Crown; Turks & Caicos Islands - 1969 Crown Coin; Tuvalu - Independence One-Dollar Coin; Uganga - Royal Wedding Coin; Vanuata - Independence Commemorative Coin; Western Somoa - Banana Tree Crown; Western Somoa - Food & Agriculture Organization Crown Coin; Western Somoa - Royal Wedding Crown; Western Somoa - U.S. Bicentennial Crown; Western Somoa - Kingsford-Smith Crown; Western Somoa - Olympic Games One-Dollar; Western Somoa - Commonwealth Games Crown; Western Somoa - International Year of Disabled Persons Crown; USSR - First Man In Space Commemorative Ruble

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Issued in 1981, The Franklin Mint, by arrangement with government officials throughout the world, assembled an unprecedented collection of perfect, uncirculated banknotes. Each banknote, the official legal-tender bank-note in pristine condition, is contained within a protective "pocket" in a special cachet. The postmark on the cachet was applied by the post office in the capital city of the country of issue. The stamp of the issuing country, was cancelled in that country.

Your choice  from the remaining
Bank Note Cachets from the following countries:
Australia, Austria, Bahamas, Belgium, Bolivia, Denmark, East Caribbean Currency Authority, Egypt, El Salvador, Finland, Honk Kong, Indonesia, Italy , Japan, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Portugal, Singapore, States of Guernsey, Sweden.

The Banknote is accompanied by carefully prepared informative reference material; expert information about the issuing country and about the banknote itself, both as a unit of currency and as an astonishly complex artistic achievement.
Suitable for framing and gift giving. Don't miss out to own one of these legal-tender Uncirculated Country Banknote Collectibles!

Commemorative Coins & Medals
Pro Football Hall of Fame

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1970's Pro Football Hall of Fame Commemorative Medals
Fifty [50] coin Pro Football Hall of Fame Commemorative Medals

Solid Bronze Set in Wood Display Cases  Issued at $7.00 per medal

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